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 10 Days to A Bigger Email List This checklist is designed as a quick reference guide to each of the steps in the “10 Days to A Bigger Email List System”.

You will find each of the daily assignments below, and you can print this off and leave it next to your computer as you go through the process of building your email list over the next 10 days.

For complete details on each of the steps refer to the main ebook.

 Day #1 Assignment:-

 At this point, you should choose the lead magnet you want to go with and start creating it. Don’t put too much thought into this step! Just get started creating! You can always perfect it later. Perfectionism will lead to sure failure in business.

Although you want to put out quality materials with your branding, you need to realize unless your lead magnet is done you can expect zero new email subscribers! Let’s create this lead magnet.

Assignment 2 for Day#1

 This requires you to choose your autoresponder of choice! If you already have an autoresponder you can skip to the next assignment! 

Just go with the autoresponder you are most comfortable with. Again, do not get stuck on this step. If you are at a loss go with Aweber as to me they are the easiest ones to work with when starting out fresh

Assignment 3 for Day #1:- 

Start to write 3 to 5 follow-up emails and insert them into your autoresponder sequence of choice.

This is a simple, but easy assignment to complete. If you have questions on what should go into a follow-up sequence you can look back at the email lists you have joined to see what they are doing in their initial emails.  

10 Days To A Bigger Email List

 Day #2 Assignment:-

Set up your squeeze page and autoresponder web form for today’s assignment. Then place the link to your squeeze page and opt-in page all over the web on the social media channels and pages that you own already!

 Assignment 2 for Day #2:-

 Research and write (or have written) one good article or blog post for publishing online. Create one good image that goes along with your article for later sharing on social media.

 Assignment 3 of Day #2:-

 Post your content piece to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest. If you don’t have an account with these websites, then you should create an account before posting. For those looking to do something a little extra today, you could start researching another blog post or article to write as content is key to your traffic success.

10 Days To A Bigger Email List

Day#3 Assignment:-

The assignment for today is simple. Create your video from the article you made on Day #2. Don’t overthink it!

Assignment 2 for Day #3:

Upload your video to YouTube and promote the YouTube link of your video to the main social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

 Assignment 3 for Day# 3:-

 Create a Facebook ad for your landing page to get more email subscribers on your list!

10 Days To A Bigger Email List

 Day #4 Assignment:-

Choose a solo ad provider, write your solo ad swipe email, and start to get traffic going to your squeeze page! You should see quite a few new subscribers after your solo ad runs!

Assignment 2 for Day #4:-

 Find a popular forum or online community in your niche market, and set up your account.

Make 10 posts there by responding to the most popular threads in the forum. You can easily make this a daily habit and post it 5 to 10 times. Even finding other forums if you want to do more work. Just imagine after one month of posting 10 times per day you would have 300 places where your link is displayed on a popular website focused around your market!   

Assignment 3 for Day #4:-

 This assignment is simple. You need to write and submit a press release online to generate exposure for your squeeze page. You can outsource this as well easily if you do not want to do it.

10 Days To A Bigger Email List

Day #5 Assignment:-

Write your high-quality guest post and submit this to 5 blogs that you identified through research. Then wait to hear back, and see if your post gets picked up and you get in front of a targeted audience.

 Assignment 2 for Day #5:-

 Create your content and start spreading the word to social media, and to your current email list to get the buzz going more.

 Assignment 3 for Day #5:-

 Check your website stats to see how many visitors you have received, and how many subscribers you now have. By now you should be seeing some new email subscribers! If you want to do something else today you can set up a new ad or write more content. Great job! You have made the first 5 days!

10 Days To A Bigger Email List

 Day #6 Assignment:-

Look at optimizing the title tags of your website, install an SEO plugin on your WordPress site if you don’t have one already, and study more about SEO from Moz.com. Remember, SEO is a tremendous long-term source of traffic for you, and that leads to ongoing leads.

 Imagine getting email subscribers years after the work has been completed by you. That is possible with SEO, so it is an important thing to do.

 Assignment 2 of Day #6:

 Look for 10 blogs to comment on with a link to your squeeze page. Comment on the blogs and provide your link. Consider doing this task daily for 3 to 5 new blogs.  

Assignment3 for Day #6:-

 Create 10 to 15 new blog posts or content ideas using the Portent Content Idea Generator tool, Yahoo Answers, and Facebook pages. Then use this list of ideas for your future articles to keep consistent traffic flowing.

10 Days To A Bigger Email List

 Day #7 Assignment:-

Start and run a Facebook Live!  Boom……………

  Assignment 2 for Day #7:

 Write a blog post and submit it to social media channels.

  Assignment 2 for Day #7:

 Set up a Facebook Ad or solo ad. Your choice, but get something going to your squeeze page again.

10 Days To A Bigger Email List

Day #8 Assignment:-

Create a video and follow the steps from day #3.

Assignment 2 Day #8:-

Write your new article for publishing on your blog or website.

 Assignment 3 Day #8:-

Run a Facebook Live and share it on social media.

10 Days To A Bigger Email List

 Day #9 Assignment:-

Find a coupon code and set up a paid advertisement on Bing Ads to your squeeze page.

 This is a great platform to test your paid advertising skills.

Assignment 2 for Day #9:

 Choose one of your preferred traffic generation methods, and do that.

 Assignment 3 for Day #9:-

 Create your infographic and start submitting that online to the key social media channels. You can even post it to your blog for additional exposure. Make sure the graphic contains a link to your squeeze page.

10 Days To A Bigger Email List

 Day #10 Assignment:-

Run an ad swap to your email list. Find a swap partner and setup a date to do the email list swap for today. If not you can buy a solo ad to get more email

 Assignment 2 for Day #10:-

 Write and create a new blog post or article, and share it on social media!

 Assignment 3 for Day #10:-

 Look at all your results and determine which method worked the best for you, tweak your campaigns if needed, and continue moving forward.

 10 Days To A Bigger Email List

Remember this quote: “Money Loves Speed!” Money will follow those who take massive and quick action. All you have to do is follow these daily assignments, and you should start to see results. Just do not give up through the process! The winners will stay on the course and finish each daily assignment!

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